Floor installation in a 1:1 model of Golden Pudel Club , paper, variable size, for Golden Pudel Club Hamburg, 2018


Two-part installation
I Yellow board, PVC foam board, gray gradient (20 sheets), 62 x 85 cm
II Gray gradient 28 x 16 x 5 cm (200 sheets), 25 chairs, total height 245 cm, 2018

The Navigator And The Explorer

Stainless steel cabinet, photograph (300 sheets), cut candle, laminated
photograph, gouache, 2017

Rechnender Raum - What isn't broken may never be fixed

5 panels, two-sided, 2 C-prints each, Diasec, fixed to the ceiling with nylon cords, 189 x 134 x 4 cm, 2016


Basic Needs

Two-part installation

I Leather, milky water, glass, wood, laser pointer, 180x30x10cm

II Leather, water, glass, concrete, 65x45x40cm, 2016